One Chance

A game for Ludum Dare 26.

Find a way to the top of the tower in the north. Death is final!

Grab a weapon before exploring the caves.
Brown doors need keys before they work.
If you get stuck in the blue dungeon, take a look at the controls.

There is an iOS version available here.

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Release Dev

Version: PostLD
Fri, 24 Apr 2015 23:30:44 -0400
Added menus, easy mode, and reworked caves.


Full Changelog

Removed cheats.
Added menus/options.
Made cat show an icon near health when its ability hasn't been used.
Made mobs reset to their starting position/health if they were left alive, when the room is reentered.
Add pausing.
Made dungeon boss door properly blocked off.
Blocked off potato.
Added item name display (it is NOT a cucumber/pickle!).
Reworked caves. You shouldn't get lost now. :P
Buffed bosses' healths by 50%, 25%, and 0% (respectively).
Made dungeon boss spawn minions less often.
Made both bosses potentially spawn less mobs at once.
Normal mobs are stunned when hit (0.33 seconds).
Add easy mode
- Potions heal completely, and drop slightly more.
- Longer invincibility time.
- Mobs are stunned for 1.2 seconds when hit.
- Must be beaten to unlock hard (the original) mode.
Fixed tower boss blowing causing you to "teleport", and not smoothly move like with the leaf.
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The source code for this project can be found here.

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