March 2, 2015

[MC 1.7.10] SpaceCore 0.7.13

This is a mod that most of my other mods need.

Cheesy name, I know. :P

Source code:

This mod is installed by putting it in the mods folder.


(Most recent always at the top.)
Version 0.7.13 (MC Release 1.7.10): Download
Version 0.7.12 (MC Release 1.7.10): Download
Version 0.7.11 (MC Release 1.7.10): Download
Version 0.7.10 (MC Release 1.7.10): Download
Version 0.7.9 (MC Release 1.7.10): Download
Version 0.7.8 (MC Release 1.7.10): Download
Version 0.7.7 (MC Release 1.7.10): Download
Version 0.7.6 (MC Release 1.7.2): Download
Version 0.7.5 (MC Release 1.7.2): Download
Version 0.7.4 (MC Release 1.7.2): Download
Version 0.7.3 (MC Release 1.7.2): Download
Version 0.7.1 (MC Release 1.7.2): Download
Version 0.7.0 (MC Release 1.7.2): Download
Version 0.6.2 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.6.1 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.6.0 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.5.3 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.5.2 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.5.1 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.5.0 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.4.1 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.4.0 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.3.3 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.3.2 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.3.1 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.3.0 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.2.11 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.2.10 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.2.9 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.2.8 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.2.7 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.2.6 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.2.5 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.2.4 (MC Release 1.6.4): Download
Version 0.2.3 (MC Release 1.6.2): Download
Version 0.2.2 (MC Release 1.6.2): Download
Version 0.2.1 (MC Release 1.6.2): Download
Version 0.2.0 (MC Release 1.6.2): Download



[08/06/2013] Initial release.
[08/06/2013] Fixed an issue that causes the game to crash with any of my mods that adds items or blocks.
[08/19/2013] Made it show up in mods list. Added stuff for UsefulPets (+others in the future)
[08/31/2013] More stuff for UsefulPets, + other mods
[10/23/2013] Stuff for Chunk-in-a-Jar.
[11/06/2013] Stuff for Component Equipment.
[11/06/2013] Fixed crashing bug, applies to Component Equipment.
[11/07/2013] Another crashing bugfix for Component Equipment.
[11/09/2013] Another crashing bugfix, affects both Component Equipment and Decorative Stuff. Added something for Component Equipment.
[11/12/2013] Important update for Component Equipment.
[11/14/2013] Fixed any relying mods silently overwriting other mod items if there is an ID conflict.
[11/16/2013] Added class for Component Equipment.
[11/17/2013] New "feature" in the code, specifically for Larger Inventory and Hotbar but generally useful as well. Also other fun stuff.
[11/23/2013] Fixed compatibility with Larger Inventory/Hotbar.
[11/26/2013] Removed tooltip interceptor, should have used Forge event.
[12/02/2013] Fixed bug relating to Component Equipment recipe guides.
[12/08/2013] Fixed bug with tile entities remaining for custom smelters. Affects Component Equipment and Decorative Stuff. Changed some stuff for coremods.
[12/10/2013] Fixed bug with custom smelters dropping items when smelter changed state.
[12/20/2013] Moved item/block init to preinit instead of init for mods using BaseMod. Added ability to override how language files are registered, allows for more organization for larger mods. Added another "Easter" egg.
[12/24/2013] Hopefully fixed server crashing. Silly client-only getters.
[12/24/2013] Minor bugfix and tweak.
[12/24/2013] Actually fix 0.5.2.
[01/01/2014] Added ability for blocks/items to be optional (set ID to -1) or experimental. Added camera stuff for a future mod. Fixed coremod silliness (excluding spacecore instead of spacecore.asm). Cleaned up common code between base Blocks and Items, although it breaks almost all depending mods.
[01/04/2014] Lighting debug stuff. Shows on F3, can be disabled in config file.
[01/05/2014] Fixed server crash with Component Equipment.
[01/09/2014] Changed a lot of stuff for Minecraft 1.7. One small thing left unimplemented, will do later.
[01/11/2014] Added stuff to override vanilla blocks/items (seriously?). Added+fixed some stuff for connected block rendering.
[02/03/2014] (0.7.2) Merged the old recipe "mods". Config file, disabled by default. (0.7.3) Fixed craftable enchantment books using the config option of cracked stone bricks.
[02/22/2014] Moved nuggets from EnderTech to SpaceCore. Fixed AutoRegister bug for items/blocks with no parameters. Hopefully fixed bug with things using Obfuscated___.srgName not working in MCP. Fixed up ReflectionUtils (which I hardly ever use!). Updated for Minecraft 1.7.2.
[02/28/2014] Fixed old book recipe.
[03/15/2014] Redid some networking stuff.
[08/04/2014] Removed the vanilla override stuff, it doesn't work anymore and FML will have a replacement. Updated for Minecraft 1.7.10.
[08/06/2014] Fixed old book recipe recipe.
[10/18/2014] In-game config support test. Made BaseMod mods inherit preInit/init/postInit (as if they declared it themselves, so FML detects it) if they do not specify it explicitly. Disabled debugLightDisplay by default (in case it causes issues again in the future). Removed recipes since they can be done with MineTweaker, and are kinda meh anyways. Removed 'experimental' option for @ModObject.
[10/18/2014] Fixed model TE renderer bug.
[10/18/2014] More model path fixes.
[11/06/2014] Translate utils crash fix.
[02/23/2015] Temporarily disabled config gui (crashes when selected on mods screen, and LunatriusCore).